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Titel: "America - Part V - From Coast to Coast"

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VHS-Videocassette |  26 Min/f |  Bestell-Nr.: 7095707 |    D |  2001 | Fremdsprachig (engl.) |Land-USA |Landschaft |

Part V "from Coast to Shining Coast" takes a look at the continental USA, crossing the country from East to West. Starting as many of the European immigrants did in New York City, this film follows the profile of the land through the middle of the continent. From Washington D.C. across the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi; heading further West from St. Louis across the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains to arrive at San Francisco and the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean. Sequences: *East Coast* / *Inner Plains* / *Rocky Mountains* / *West Coast*. Fächer: Geographie / GSE / Englisch ab Jgst. 7. (Medien-Nr. und Titel für die deutsche Version: 7095706 "Amerika - Teil V - Von Küste zu Küste")