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Titel: "America - Part IV - West Coast"

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VHS-Videocassette |  22 Min/f |  Bestell-Nr.: 7095705 |    D |  2000 | Fremdsprachig (engl.) |Land-USA |Landschaft |

Mention the West Coast and people think of California, sun sand and surf, but this is typical of only the most southern part of the Pacific coast, which after all stretches, through two climatic zones, from the Mexican border over more than a thousand miles, all the way up to Canada. This film shows all the landscapes and climates of the West Coast: from the very edge of the North-American continent, where the steep cliffs of the Coastal Ranges meet the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean, to the vast dark forests of the Cascade Mountains and to the deserts of the Southwest. *Southern Coast: Pacific / Coastal Ranges / San Francisco / San Andreas Foult* *Northern Coast: Fishing / Lumber mill / Seattle* *Central Valley: Harvest / Migrant workers / Hispanic influence / climate* *Los Angeles* Fächer: Geographie / GSE / Englisch (Medien-Nr. und Titel für die deutsche Version: 7095704 "Amerika - Teil IV Der Westen")