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Titel: "America - Part III - Rocky Mountains"

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VHS-Videocassette |  19 Min/f |  Bestell-Nr.: 7095703 |    D |  2000 | Fremdsprachig (engl.) |Land-USA |Landschaft |

The Rocky Mountains are a long broken mountain chain, rising in the western part of the continent, from Alaska all the way down to Mexico. This film shows only part of this vast area and yet is able to present an impressive picture of fascinating landscapes in the North- and the Southwest of the USA. Denver / Rocky Mountains National Park *The North: Yellowstone National Park / Grand Teton National Park / Ranchers* *TheSouthwest: Zion National Park / Tourism / Irrigation / Phoenix / Desert / Grand Canyon / Lake Mead / Hoover Dam / Las Vegas / Indian Reservation* Fächer: Geographie / GSE / Englisch (Medien-Nr. und Titel für die deutsche Version: 7095702 "Amerika - Teil III Rocky Mountains")